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Used Moving Vans and Moving Trucks

Browse Our Selection of Used Moving Trucks and Vans for Sale

Moving Truck Inventory

When you’re in the business of transporting valuable personal property and furniture, having the right equipment is essential. AmeriQuest Used Trucks has a variety of used moving trucks and vans for sale at competitive prices. Unsure what size moving truck or van body you’ll need? Below are some standard body sizes and specifications that will help you get started:

  • Moving trucks come in a variety of body lengths, the most common being 16′, 20′, 22′, 24′, 26′ and 28′. We carry a variety of body types from manufacturers like Morgan, Kentucky Trailer, and more.
  • The average moving truck is classified as medium-duty, meaning they can carry a load capacity between 14,000 lbs. and 26,000 lbs.

Buying New vs. Used Moving Vans and Trucks

When it comes to buying a new moving truck versus finding a quality used moving truck, there are a few factors to consider that will help you decide.

One of the benefits of buying used moving trucks from a company like AmeriQuest is that you aren’t just buying the truck, you’re buying peace of mind. Each of our used moving trucks and vans has been extensively checked to ensure they meet up to our stringent resale requirements. When purchasing your moving trucks, you can rest assured knowing that it won’t break down or start exhibiting mechanical issues.

If you’re an independent contractor or owner-operator of a fleet, we also offer a complete menu of roadside assistance, rescue and maintenance services designed to keep you on time and on the road.

Do I Need a Moving Van or a Moving Truck?

Moving vans, also called cargo vans, are designed and constructed to withstand wear and tear, while keeping their cargo safe and undamaged. While moving vans do offer flexibility as far as inside configuration goes, moving trucks allow for maximum load capacity and configurations. Things like reinforced oak hardwood floors with smooth joints, E track load bars, side and/or rear load doors, and even mover’s ramps are industry standards for a good moving truck.

Another key differentiating feature between moving trucks/vans and freighter trucks is the attic, or “peak,” that provides additional storage space and shows the public that proper “moving truck” look.

Generally speaking, used moving trucks hold more cargo than vans, especially if they have an attic or peak. They are perfect for large family moves, delivery of equipment, and the transport of furniture. Even our smaller sized used moving trucks can carry the equivalent of a two-bedroom apartment. Moving trucks also have the capacity to tow trailers behind them, so if you need to move cargo and a vehicle, you can do it all in one trip with a solid moving truck.

Moving vans are better for smaller and more specialized transportation and deliveries, and don’t have as many different interior configuration capabilities as their larger truck components. On the other hand, used moving vans and cargo vans do not use as much fuel as trucks. To see our full inventory of used cargo and moving vans for sale today, visit our cargo van page.

Different Types of Moving Trucks and Example Uses

There are several different types of moving truck bodies to choose from. The type of body you choose will depend on the truck’s intended use. Here are several different types of moving truck bodies for you to consider:

  • Refrigerated trucks – also called reefer trucks, these trucks are for cargo that must be kept cold. If you’re looking for a moving truck with refrigeration capabilities, be aware that you’ll end up paying more up front and in total operating costs.
  • Flatbed moving trucks are great for carrying larger items and can come with dump beds, fixed beds, and plenty of space for loading and unloading with the help of a crane or similar machinery.
  • Utility trucks – these are great for mobile maintenance and independent tradesmen. Most utility moving trucks come lined with bins, racks, and other places to store equipment and hang tools.

Our truck experts will help you find a moving truck or van with the right features, depending on the size of your load and distance you’re traveling. Browse our inventory of vans and used moving trucks for sale right now to find one at a price that fits your budget and give us a call with any questions or if you’re ready to buy.

If you are looking for smaller delivery trucks or trucks to move perishables, check out our box trucks and delivery trucks.