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Box Trucks and Cargo Vans for Sale

Browse our Selection of Various Types of Used Box Trucks & Cargo Vans

Browse Box Truck Inventory

When it comes to providing versatile, cost-effective transportation for businesses of all sizes, box trucks are time and time again the vehicles of choice. Moving cargo, making deliveries to customers, moving inventory or equipment from location to location, even standing in as a mobile workstation – box trucks can do it all.

AmeriQuest’s inventory of used box trucks for sale is full of high-quality, low-mileage vehicles from some of the most respected names in the industry. Our inventory of box trucks for sale includes all types of box trucks and cargo vans:

  • Used Panel Vans (Cargo) – Cargo vans, or panel vans, are great for transporting people or non-perishable goods. Choose from a variety of interior configurations to find the perfect fit for your business.
  • Used Delivery Trucks (Parcel) – Delivery trucks can be outfitted for a variety of different uses. Most of the used delivery trucks in our inventory come with interior track systems to secure and protect the cargo.
  • Used Box Trucks – These are the most common type of used truck that we see on the market. Box trucks are used for a number of things including deliveries of small cargo, furniture and equipment.
  • Used Straight Trucks – These look like box trucks except they are larger and used for the transportation of heavier freight and equipment that does not require humidity or temperature-regulation. Straight trucks tend to have more options when it comes to interior configurations, and some straight truck bodies have side doors and double back doors with mover’s ramps for easy loading and unloading.
  • Used Refrigerated Trucks (Reefer) – Reefer trucks are useful for transporting perishable and/or temperature-sensitive cargo. If you run a bakery, flower shop, or medical business that requires temperature-controlled deliveries, than a reefer truck is what you’re looking for.
  • Used Flatbed Trucks (Stake) – Flatbed trucks, also called stake trucks, can have fixed or dump beds and are great for carrying unusually large or oddly shaped machinery and larger items.

Box Truck Specifications and Details

Box trucks are measured by their cargo space, with the most common sizes are from 14′ to 24′ in length. We sell used box trucks of all sizes, but the majority of purchases are for vehicles of the above sizes. Trucks that are smaller than 14′ tend not to provide the capacity that most business owners are looking for.

Box trucks have two different cab configurations, conventional and cab-forward. Conventional cabs are high and sit behind the engine. Conventional high cabs are better for long-distance visibility and are much more comfortable when it comes to long periods of highway driving.

Low, cab-forward designs put the cab in front of the engine, right over the front axle. These types of cabs provide the best visibility and maneuverability in tight spaces – think city streets and narrow alleys.

Almost all of the used box trucks for sale in our inventory come with roll-up gates or lift gates. If you make lots of city or on-street deliveries then you’ll want to opt for a box truck with a lift gate. A few specialty features that some of our used box trucks include are electric lights, rail or E track systems, and even translucent ceilings.

Whether you’re an owner-operator looking for a reliable, cost-effective used box truck for sale or you’re a restaurant owner looking for a couple of trucks for your chain of restaurants, the experts at AmeriQuest Transportation Services will help you find the right vehicle for the job. AmeriQuest has a team of used truck specialists located throughout North America.

If you’re looking for a used box truck for sale at a great price, give us a call at (866) 813-9200 or check out our online inventory today.