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Used Tractor Trailers and Semi Trucks for Sale

Browse a Variety of Used Heavy Duty Trucks and Tractors

Browse Tractor-Trailer and Semi Truck Inventory

When it comes to finding the largest selection of quality used semi trucks and tractor trailers for sale, AmeriQuest’s network of truck agents can help you find the perfect heavy-duty truck to meet your needs. Our selection of used semi trucks and tractor trailers comes from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry including:

AmeriQuest has various types of used tractor trailers and semi trucks for sale including:

Our inventory of used tractor trailers and semi trucks includes a variety of options from single axle day cabs, to tandem axle sleepers. We are confident we can help you find the truck that meets your needs. All used semi trucks advertised for sale at AmeriQuest are available to purchase with warranty and financing options.

Precautions to Take When Buying Used Semi Trucks and Tractor Trailers

AmeriQuest knows what to look for when it comes to assessing used tractor trailers and semi trucks for sale. Below are several of the most common concerns related to buying used commercial trucks and semis, and tips to help you make the best purchase.

Mileage concerns. While many older tractors and semi trucks require engine rebuilds by the time they hit the 500,000-mile mark, most of the newer models manufactured these days have no trouble exceeding 500,000 miles and continuing to run for years. Always find out the mileage of a truck before you buy it, as the total number of miles can speak to the overall wear and tear that the truck and its engine has seen.

Do your due diligence. Always ask questions about why the previous owner decided to sell. Most often the answer is because they wanted to upgrade to a better cab or truck, but sometimes the reason has to do with technical or mechanical issues that will likely become your problem later on.

Look for rust. While surface rust can be easily remedied, rust on the structure of a used tractor trailer, like on the frame, can signal that the truck could require a much larger investment at the very least.

Check the oil and historical maintenance records. Checking the oil will give you a pretty good idea as to the engine’s general upkeep, while reviewing historical engine and transmission oil change records will verify they have been done correctly and with no contamination.

Take a mechanic with you to check out the possibilities. This tip is universal whether you’re buying a used car or commercial vehicle, it’s always best to have a mechanic with you when checking out used semi trucks, unless of course you are a mechanic yourself or you buy your truck from us. AmeriQuest only carries high-quality used tractor trailers and semi trucks that have passed our own stringent inspections.

Our inventory is updated every day, so if you’re interested in purchasing a specific tractor trailer or semi truck but don’t see it listed, give us a call at (866) 813-9200.