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AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks has a new look

For over 25 years, Corcentric’s remarketing or used trucks team has provided unparalleled results to thousands of happy customers. With an exceptionally large database of fleet and wholesale buyers of used equipment, our remarketing team manages each aspect of a purchase or sell transaction while simplifying and expediting the experience for customers.

In the past, the remarketing team has assumed various nomenclature to closely identify with various customer audiences. Whether Corcentric Used Trucks or AmeriQuest Used Trucks, the same team of experts delivers powerful advisory and procurement support to maximize each customer’s financial return.

To simplify our remarketing team’s identity to all customers within the full suite of Corcentric solutions, the AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks area of Corcentric will be known as simply, AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks. This solidified approach further exemplifies our value to you: trust AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks to provide exceptional quality through a single-source solution for used equipment asset management.

Our new logo and color palette perfectly reflect our name equity and recognition as a powerful procurement solution within Corcentric. Continue to recognize the same AQ logo as before, but with the current Corcentric likeness and colors.

Please reference this FAQ link for answers to some common questions. Should you have additional questions, reach out to your AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks representative. Our team, value, and commitment to you remain the same. We look forward to the continuation of exceptional quality for all your used equipment asset needs.

Why is there a new look to www.ameriquestusedtrucks.com?

AmeriQuest Used Trucks is still a valued component of Corcentric LLC. When Corcentric recently rebranded in May 2023, the decision was made to incorporate some of the new coloring into the visual representation for AmeriQuest Used Trucks as well. The only change to the AmeriQuest Used Trucks division is the slight variation of our logo and shifted color palette.

Why isn’t AmeriQuest Used Trucks renamed to Corcentric Used Trucks?

AmeriQuest Used Trucks is recognized as a cutting edge, virtual dealership offering asset optimization programs among a network of 10,000+ buyers/sellers and a dealer network of 1,500+. With this expansive network, we chose to preserve the equity and recognition built under the AmeriQuest Used Trucks name, while adjusting the logo and coloring representation of our new Corcentric brand. The AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks division is fully owned under Corcentric LLC.

Where does the name AmeriQuest come from?

Back in 2018, AmeriQuest Business Services rebranded to Corcentric. At the time, the Remarketing and Used Trucks division decided to remain as AmeriQuest to keep continuity and recognition among existing customers. Today, the AmeriQuest Remarketing and Used Trucks nomenclature remains, but with the new visual logo that incorporates the new Corcentric brand.

Other than the logo and colors, is anything else changing?

No. The same team of experts will continue to offer a powerful, single-source solution for used equipment asset management. The same quality of service and ability to achieve the best possible financial returns will continue to be our primary goal.